Redis x86 builds for Windows


 Update 5 Feb 2016

 Update 4 Feb 2016

I’ve recompiled the same version of redis targeting WinXP as the minimum supported version. By default the MS guys had setup the VC2013 project to target Vista/7 and up.

The download links are in the table at the bottom of this post

 Redis and Windows

Redis has always been a Linux only project as the background snapshotting mechanism relies on the fork() call which exists only on POSIX systems

About a year ago the Microsoft Open Source Group decided to port Redis to Windows and maintain the port over time

Unfortunately they soon decided to drop support for 32 bit systems. I’m really not sure why they did that as there are so many 32 bit versions of Windows still out there.

I recently was asked to work on a project that would need to work on Windows XP to 7, 32 and 64 bit

I did play around with the source code on github, had a look at the issues/pull requests and then decided to build the 32bit version of the Redis 2.8.* myself on an Amazon EC2 instance.

After a few hours of playing around with VC2015 first and VC2013 late (the official build env for Redis for Windows) I succeeded in my effort

I’ve uploaded the result on S3 so hopefully you don’t have to go through the same pain:

Version Binary Windows version
2.8.2400-xp XP+
2.8.2104 Vista/7+
2.8.2104-xp XP+

 Build instructions (x86)

If you feel adventurous you can simply do the following


I will start working on compiling version 3.0 soon


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